6 April 2011

example script of speech (introducing a new trainer)

Ladies and gentlemen,
Good morning,
            It is both privileged and pleasure for us to be able to attend BCT (Basic Cooperation Training) of Kopma UNNES 2010 with so many distinguished friend from the Indonesian students’ side attending to exchange our thought on pressing problems of our mutual concern about economy and cooperation. And I should like to express on behalf of my colleagues my heartfelt felicitations and gratitude to our friends in Kopma UNNES team for successfully organizing this valuable forum.
OK, ladies and gentlemen, in this special occasion today let me introduce our new trainer who will give you an economic and cooperation training so you will have a line on economy and cooperation. Like many of you, I recognize that the opportunity to hear our speaker in person today is a rare and extremely valuable opportunity. However, before I tell you her name, there are a few things you should know about her. She is the person who born in Jakarta, October 23, 1956. She is Tionghoa-Indonesian woman whose father is a famous economist in Indonesia. She obtained her Bachelor and Master of Economics from Australian National University, and her PhD in the field of International Trade, Finance and Monetary Economics from the University of California, Davis, in 1986. She got some awards, they are from Australian National University Masters Scholarship (1979—1980), University of California Regents Fellowship (1983-1984), and from Eisenhower Exchange Fellow Individual National (1990). Now, she holds the first position as minister in Indonesia as the Minister of Trade in the United Indonesia Cabinet. Before assuming office as Minister of Trade, she had been a Minister of Cooperation and UKM ad-interim and she has long been active in various trade forums such as PECC and she was one of economic researcher in Indonesia.
            Well, ladies and gentlemen, anyone knows her name? OK, finally, I don’t want to waste another moment of her time. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you our special trainer today, Miss. Marie Elka Pangestu. Give warm welcoming applause to her.
Thank you.

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